Anish Kapoor Stainless steel color concave mirror sculpture

Anish Kapoor Stainless steel color concave mirror sculpture
Thickness: 1 mm to 6 mm
Size range: any size
Material: AIS 304 316

Finish: hand polished to mirror finish
Time: 20-30 days after receiving the deposit
Payment term: according to T / T, deposit 50%, pre-shipment balance 50%
Before packaging: Internal: soft foam. Exterior: sturdy wooden or iron box

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Anish Kapoor Stainless steel color concave mirror sculpture

Mirror effect:The breathtaking high-gloss stainless steel concave wall will attract the audience to stand in front of the sculpture.
. The audience is different each time they encounter a sculpture because it has become part of the work, because the changes you see are both static and predictable.
Therefore, in general, we judge the polishing standard based on whether the surface is smooth and evenly reflected. Whether the reflective object is clearly visible; Whether the object reflection is deformed or not, the surface smoothness of the forged stainless steel mainly indicates that the surface is smooth and the reflected light is more uniform, rather than the dark light of the partially low-lying surface.
The second is the special treatment of the welding line. The weld line is the connection of the two panels. Highly required for smoothness. If the weld line is not handled properly, the part appears to be a separate mirror. Straight or reflective objects will be broken down into two parts. Can make modern abstract stainless steel sculpture
We can also do custom designs and sizes. It is more suitable for decorating with modern style, including wood garden, plaza, shopping mall, hotel decoration, villa sample room, living room, room place.

So, if you have some requirements for modern large metal sculptures, or other custom mirrored stainless steel sculptures that you are interested in, please be free with the right! We specialize in stainless steel casting since 2002 and we are your best choice!


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